Provstgaards Jagthus

Take a walk in the past

Provstgaards Jagthus is beautifully located at Skjern Å and Pumpestation Nord.

The small house was built in 1922 by the brothers Niels Provstgaard and Søren Kristian Jensen, Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum bought the house in 1993. The two brothers lived of nature around them. Among other things they sold fish and went in search of otters - the house is characterized by them and their lifestyle. Niels Provstgaard, a carpenter, built things when the brothers needed them, such as the exhibition cabinets for his beautiful collection of birds. The brothers were, in many ways, pioneers and received telephone, radio and motorboats as some of the first in the area.

The house underwent a major renovation in 2018 and it is now ready to accommodate guests in the cozy old living rooms.

Living History

Provstgaards Jagthus is part of Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum, where you can experience history where it happened. This museum consists of a series of authentic buildings that all tell the tale of the life lived there throughout the ages and how the landscape shaped them.

At Ringkøbing-Skjern Museum, history isn’t locked up in glass cabinets. Here you get to experience LIVE HISTORY with all your senses – history reenactments, guided tours, and activities for kids. With a week or year-round pass, you get a discount, by visiting several locations. Kids and teenagers under the age of 18 are free of charge when accompanying an adult. The week pass can be purchased at the different locations.

If you would like to know more about Provstgaards Jagthus , opening hours, prices, and activity and event dates, please visit


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