Prison and Legal History Museum, Vestervig

Take a walk in the past

The small prison in Vestervig has re-emerged as a museum and here you can spend a while behind bars - in peace and quiet, as in the old days.

The courthouse Thinghuset is home to a circle of local artists and artisans.

The art is free - but it costs a "twenty" to get rid of mother-in-law for a while!

A little history:

Thinghuset was built in 1833 with 4 prison cells, a courtroom and housing for the detainee. The house is the first in what we know today as Vestervig. The prison has in about the year 1900 expanded with another 4 cells and a prison yard.

The arrest worked until 1949 and has remained largely untouched ever since.

Actress Malene Schwartz`s grandfather, Otto Georg Schwartz, was the county bailiff from 1907 to 1915.


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