Østerport in Ringkøbing

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Ringkøbing´s eastern gate roughly lay where Algade ends at Mylius-Erichsensvej and Reberbanen. The yellow house Herningvej 1 is the first house built outside the town gate. The facade has later been changed and plastered.

In 1860 the West and south Jutland Credit Association started here, which in 1913 built Herningvej 3, an imposing buildung in new baroque designed by Helge Boisen Møller. It cost, at the time, the tremendous amount of DKK 327.000 and a normal house have the price of DKK 5000,-.

The building was sold by Nykredit to The West JutlandAgriculturral Society. Boisen Møller also designed the oldest part of the hospital 1908, the courthouse, and jail with police station 1918, situated at Kongevejen 16. The courthouse, Kongevejen 10, is designed by Plesner 1906 and later extended. Kongevejen is the age-old highway to the south and east. Ringkøbing Museum with the front towards the town is from 1922 in a mix of neoclassicism and traditional West Jutland style, architect G. Juul Brask. On the square in front of the museum is a statue from 1916 of the polar explorer L. Mylius-Erichsen, who died in NE-Greenland 1907. It is the work of sculptor C. Skikkild, who hailed from Ringkøbing.

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  • Østerport in Ringkøbing
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