Odsherred Zoo Rescue

Take a walk in the past

Odsherred Zoo is an oasis of nearly 8 hectares in the middle of Northwest Zealand with more than 600 animals and 100 species.

Tropical House PARANA with apes, birds and reptiles from South America.

Monkey House and vivarium with monkeys and reptiles from all over the world.

In the APE FOREST skull monkeys and white-eared silkapes live freely in a large area with no fence.

In the park your find camels, zebras, turkeys, lamas etc. in large pens.

The popular pet zoo with goats and pony riding makes the day unforgettable for the youngest children.

Fixed feeding hours with speak by several animals many times daily. Large well-assorted grill/café, ice cream kiosk and souvenirs.

Terrace and green picnic areas.

NB: Dogs not allowed.

Opening hours and prices: www.odsherreds-zoo.dk

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