Odder Town Archives (Lokalhistoriske Arkiv)

Take a walk in the past

The object of the archives for local history, is to collect, preserve and pass on historical material which enables to illustrate the region's history, the population, businesses, associations and everyday life in general.

The archives has a wide selection of information which can tell of the old Hads Herred - today better known as Odder municipal. The material includes journals from factories, shops and from the many activities of the local associations.
Old as well as new photograps show people and events from the industry, farms and manorhouses.
Furthermore, there is information on film and tape and litterature about the region.

The extensive selection of historical material is also used in genealogy, history of property and information about the villages surrounding Odder.

Everybody is more than welcome to visit the archives and our reading room. We are always ready to help you search for any information you may need about the area. Using the archives is free of charge.

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