Nors Lake in Thy National Park

Take a walk in the past

Lake Nors is one of the cleanest in Denmark!

The lake is part of Hanstholm Nature Reserve and a popular swimming lake. In Neolithic times it was sea bay, which was subsequently cut off from the sea. The lake is about 20m deep, at it's deepest point.

The lake has only underground tributaries and is one of the cleanest lakes with several rare aquatic plants. In the lake one can find pike, perch, roach, eel and salmon, all living altogether.

Fishing is allowed along the south shore of Lake Nors within the marked area from the bathing place up to Degnbjerg.

Special fishing licenses and regulations for fishing in the lake can be purchased at Thisted Tourist Office and Hanstholm Tourist Office.

There is a handicap fishing jetty at Nors Bagsø.

The plantation provides shelter from the west, and there are toilets, camp fires and grilling areas, as well as picnic tables and benches. Sand drift, that settled about 100 yards into the lake, has created a perfect, child-friendly beach. From bathing area, there are many marked hiking trails. 

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  • Nors Lake in Thy National Park
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