"Nordsø Akvariet" in Nr. Vorupør

Take a walk in the past

14 aquariums, with a shark pool and tunnel!

The North Sea Aquarium exhibits fish and marine animals which have been caught, in the area, by fishermen from Vorupoer.

A range of 16 special aquariums of widely different sizes, containing one of Denmark's finest collections of North Sea fish and fauna - (approx. 70-80 species).

We also have a special touch pool for children. So get your hands wet!

With a visit to the North Sea Aquarium, Vorupoer, you come close to the sea, and it's fascinating reality!

Group discount - 20 people: 20% off normal price - booking via telephone.

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  • "Nordsø Akvariet" in Nr. Vorupør
  • Vesterhavsgade 133
    7700 Thisted
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