Nørre Nebel Church

Take a walk in the past

Nørre Nebel Church is a romanesque village church from ca 1200 with the classical scale of 1:2 between chancel and nave. The nave was lengthened to the west and the chancel, in the Gothic times, eastwards. Traces of the original east and west walls can be seen in the floor. In late Gothic times the tower and porch were added. Materials used: Tufa, granite and tile. The Gothic frescoes were reduced during comprehensive repairs of the nave in 1998. The well-preserved Gothic, winged altarpiece has 16 carved figures from 1475 and a later surrounding Renaissance frame from 1625.The peasant artist Meckel Tuesen?s carvings on the pew ends from 1576 have imaginative, varied acanthus motives and grotesque facemasks. His own and the donor?s names have been carved on the two pews farthest to the west: The contemporary lord of the manor, Laurids Barfod and his wife Anne on the two easterly. Under the husband?s initials L.B. can be seen the family coats-of-arms, with the bare foot.

The church are situated in Nørre Nebel.

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