Nørhede Havn

Take a walk in the past

Nørhede Harbor is located on the south side of Nissum Fjord, and from here you can swim. The fjord fits here in depth and the bottom is sandy and firm.

It is one of two places in the Nissum Fjord for boarding in the fjord. The second is in Thorsminde, which many kite surfers make use of.

Nørhede is one of several cottage areas. East of the small harbor, the slopes extend down to the fjord edge. It is the only place on the fjord, the landscape is shaped like this and it is because it is the northwest end of Skovbjerg Bakkeø. It goes from central Jutland and ends at Nørhede and at Fjand.

From Nørhede there is also one of two boarding lanes in the fjord. The other is at Thorsminde, which many kite surfers make use of.

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