Navn Lake

Take a walk in the past

Navn Sø is a nice spot for fishing as well as bathing, and is surrounded by beautiful nature that is definitely worth a leisurely walk. The lake’s bottom is sandy, and the water is shallow and clear.

The lake, which is peculiarly named Name Lake in Danish, is a lobelia lake, which means it is surrounded by beautiful, frail-looking lobelia blossoms, which also cover the bottom of it, and grows up through the water to show off its white petals to the sun.

The lake and its surroundings are part of a nature preserve covering almost 250 acres within the Himmerland moors. Around the lake, a pathway has been constructed, making travel easier. The area is also connected to the rest of the moors, including a nearby shelter.

Bring your fishing pole

Fishing is allowed in the lake, so anyone can come along for a quiet day on the water. The lake’s fish population is teeming with pike and perch, and the clear waters make fly-fishing especially accessible. Be advised that you will have more success if you walk a bit out into the water.

A lovely swim

If you are not the fishing type, you can also swim in the lake. Because of the shallow water levels, the lake is especially kid-friendly.

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