Take a walk in the past

In Naturkraft, the whole family can learn more about how the forces of nature affect us - and what happens when we try to tame them.

Feel the North Sea storm, sail on the tug ferries and try the cable car. Naturkraft has gathered the nature of West Jutland in one experience park: The moor, which emerged as our ancestors felled the primeval forest, the dunes, where the sand blowing was feared by the people living close to them, the low oak vegetation, the meadow and others.

Go on an expedition

Experience, feel, explore and play with natural phenomenas such as wind, water, heat and cold. Armed with the right equipment and a large dose of curiosity, fun activities await you when you go on an expedition in Naturkraft. If you complete your expedition, a cool new title and a badge as proof that you've completed awaits you!

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