Museum Ovartaci

Take a walk in the past

Museum Ovartaci is built around two different collections that are both rooted in history – one is a historical collection of objects from the first psychiatric hospital in Denmark from 1852 to the present day – the other is an impressive collection of art created by people with a psychiatric diagnosis.

A unique insight into psychiatry

The museum is unique in that it provides an insight into how art can affect the human psyche. The background history of the individual artists and their works invite a completely new perspective and dialogue in the exhibition. Art is combined with the history of psychiatry, and it makes it possible to experience art in a completely new way. It provides an insight into mental diseases in new ways and counters the existing prejudices in the meeting with people with a psychiatric problem.

Nationally and internationally, the very comprehensive and unique collection of art makes the Museum an important player in the international art scene and in the history of art.

Ovartaci - the uber loony

The Museum is centred round the artist Ovartaci. He was a patient at the hospital for 56 years, and with his distinct style of art he is the quintessence of both the institution and history as well as the freedom to express oneself through art. Ovartaci was born in Ebeltoft, and was christened Louis Marcussen, but he himself invented the name Ovartaci – as a play of words on the word ‘Overtosse’ (‘Uber loony’).

Ovartaci’s art is special, not because he was a psychiatric patient or awkward, but because of the irrefutable power and artistic quality that is found in his work.

The Museum also runs creative workshops, a framing service, a Museum Café and offers special visits for children and young people.

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