Museum of Southern Jutland - Gram Clay Pit - Paleontology

Take a walk in the past

Perhaps the weather isn't particularly suitable for a swim or a day lazing on the beach in the sun? And perhaps you would rather do something special, where you might have the opportunity to bring home a very special souvenir? Then you might consider paying a visit to a 10-million-year old seabed, where you might be lucky to find a sharks tooth, still sharp enough to cut a nice clean cut into a piece of paper.

Between Haderslev and Ribe, just outside the town of Gram, you'll find a small museum situated close to an old clay pit.

The museum and Gram Clay Pit are attractions for the entire family. Exciting displays in a museum scenically situated in Gram Forest and a clay pit, where you can become a "fossil hunter" for en entire day for just 30 DKK.

Digging tools can be loaned from the museum or you can bring your own, for example a spade a screwdriver, which is suitable for digging in the tough 10 million year old clay.

Schools can contact Museum Manager Asbjørn Holm,, or +45 65 37 07 74 for a tour during the period where the museum is closed.

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