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Museum for Paper Art
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The world of paper
You may think you know paper. The thin sheets or fibres that constitute a natural part of our everyday lives: Writing paper. Baking paper. Wrapping paper. Copy paper. But paper is so much more.  The diverse material holds a vast potential that goes way beyond its traditional use. Paper also makes for great art – psaligraphy, origami, decoupage, sculpture, and other impressive forms of expression.

A new kind of heartbeat
Stepping into our exhibitions, you will feel time moving a little bit slower. Paper art is the epitome of slow art – for the artist as well as the spectator. So leave time behind for a moment and get lost in captivating works that will make you stop and wonder – a much-welcomed break from a restless, fast-moving, and demanding world. Museum for Paper Art is a haven and a place for peace and reflection. A place where you can enjoy the here and now and just let yourself get carried away.   

Museum for Paper Art is the only art centre in Scandinavia that focuses solely on paper: cut, folded, shaped, ripped, or carved. We invite you to experience impressive and fascinating contemporary paper art, crafts, and design by national and international artists.

A world of sensory perceptions
When you step into the Museum for Paper Art, a whole new world will unfold before your eyes. A world of sensory perceptions that will change the way you see the fine, white material. 

The main exhibition introduces you to the masterly work of psaligrapher Bit Vejle, which has travelled the world to enthusiastic acclaim. The temporary exhibitions let you experience works by high-profile Danish and international paper artists. New exhibitions are staged twice a year, always offering you a new exciting experience.

Have a look inside our paper studio where you can pick up the tools to explore your creative potential with paper – under helpful guidance from our staff. In our shop, you will find a large selection of paper products, gift ideas, artworks and handicraft products – and much more. Our café lets you sample locally sourced produce while you let the impressions sink in. 


Bit Vejle is a psaligrapher. She has after years of exhibitions in Scandinavia, UK,US and China and collaborations with exclusive brands as Hermés and Georg Jensen established Museum for Paper Art in Blokhus, North Jutland, Denmark. Bit Vejle creates slow art and tells stories: each work of art narrates with air, paper and shadows. Some confront deep seriousness, while others simply celebrate the joy in the small things.


PLEASE NOTICE: the art center is closed in periods of building new exhibitions twice a year. Please visit our website for further information.

Groups (+20 people) can request discount packages by mail or telephone.

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