Monument: Nabestenen

Take a walk in the past

This is a large stone with text that is erected to commemorate the Battle of Nabe city in 1657. 

The story...

In 1657, residents of Agger attempted to stop the Swedish troops, as the Swedish King Karl Gustav had ordered his troops up over Agger, towards t North Jutland. On the spits narrowest point they were met by a large group of Agger resisdents, who attacked the Swedes. The battle was fought by the small fishing Nabe - hence the name "Battle of Nabe". The peasant army could not stop the Swedes, and it ended with about 20 local deaths. But although the Agger locals had to give up, there is a memorial stone in honor of the men who fought.

Nabe village is hard to find, these days, as the place where it stood, is now more than 1 km out, in the North Sea.

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VisitNordvestkysten, Thy

  • Monument: Nabestenen
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