Marsk Tower

Take a walk in the past

With a unique placement in Hjemsted by Skærbæk. Here you will have a front row seat to remarkable nature experiences, with a view overlooking the marshlands and the Wadden Sea National Park - part of UNESCO World Heritage and famous for its distinctive nature and spectacular animal life. During good weather conditions you will be able to see as far as Esbjerg, Sild and Rømø from the lookout platform.

The 12-hectare surrounding area will in addition to the tower, consist of “Marskcamp” - a campsite for motorhomes with no less than 125 spaces, and the possibility for extending the site to 275 spaces. Other than that, the area will consist of a restaurant, an ice cream vendor, a playground and a tournament-approved mini golf course.

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Vadehavskysten, Ribe / Esbjerg
Vadehavskysten, Ribe / Esbjerg