Lystbækgaard – This Shepherd’s farm

Take a walk in the past

Lystbækgaard – This Shepherd’s farm is a farm on Jutland’s heath, where you can go exploring.

A Café, farm shop with lamb’s meat and cold cuts, skins, wool merchandise, and workshops.

Here you can experience the craftsmanship of the heath in harmony with nature and the West Jutland cultural history. At this farm there’s a café with local foods/commodities and homemade bread made with organic flour. There are changing exhibitions with artists and craftsmen, who start out from the West Jutland nature and the raw materials available here. The surrounding buildings are used for things such as exhibitions and live workshops.  

Opening hours: Thursdays from 1 pm to 5 pm or by appointment. 

For more information and activities at Lystbækgaard visit

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