Longelse Church

Take a walk in the past

A medieval church consisting of Romanesque nave with vaulted ceiling ind late Gothic chancel. The porch is to the South, vestry to the North and tower to the West. (Romanesque style = Norman style In Eng¬and). The nave is constructed from cleft granite boulders on a granite plinth with a profile of double roll mouldings. To the north one of the old Romanesque windows has been preserved. The exterior of the porch features a stepped gable surmounting three false, arched win¬dows or niches framed by a continuous recessed band. The letters FGALLLR 1830 indicate that the tower underwent a complete restoration that year, at which time the church was part of the Tranekær Estate. F(rederik) G(reve) A(hlefeldt) L(aurvig) L(Lensgreve =Earl) L(ange¬land) R(ixingen).
The pulpit is Renaissance work from 1625 with pictures of the four evangelists.
The communion Table is Rennaissance work from 1588. It has three paintet panels depicting the baptizing of Christ, the Crucifixion and the Last Supper.

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