Lodbjerg Lighthouse in Thy National Park

Take a walk in the past

As a visitor, you can access the lighthouse for a modest fee.

From the top of the lighthouse you have a fantastic view of a rugged landscape, dominated by the dune plantation, the dunes and the rugged sea dunes.

You can look at the Limfjord to the south, far inland to the east and let your gaze glide over unspoiled nature to the north.

Lodbjerg Lighthouse was restored in 2019 and has a beautiful exhibition with the lighthouse's history from the beginning of construction until today.

In the lighthouse keeper's residence, volunteers run a small café, which offers coffee and cake.

An automatic door opener / shutter has been installed in Lodbjerg Lighthouse. This means that the lighthouse is open every day from 07:00 - 21:00.

Information house about National Park Thy at Lodbjerg Lighthouse

When you visit Lodbjerg Lighthouse, you can meet the volunteer lighthouse keepers and hear them talk about life at the lighthouse in different periods, the dune's rare plants and much more about the lighthouse's history and the area's nature.

Thys National Park's volunteer lighthouse keepers receive guests at the lighthouse on Thursdays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays through October.
You will find the lighthouse keepers in the courtyard between 11.00-16.00.

At 11.30 they invite guests on a guided tour around the lighthouse.

Activities in Thy National Park
The lighthouse is the starting point for walks out into Thy's most pristine natural landscape - the dunes between Lodbjerg and Lyngby.

A marked path leads to the high dune Penbjerg.

East of the path are 9 Bronze Age mounds, which are very difficult to spot.

Close to the lighthouse there is a cozy campfire site and shelter.

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