Lellinge kirke - Køge

Take a walk in the past

Lellinge Church is a Late Gothic building from c. 1450.

The church was originally built as a long house including just the nave and chancel, and with three high recesses in the western end wall.

The tower and the porch were added c. 1500. In 1692-94 the church was extended with a new chancel to broadly reach its appearance of  today.

 However, the church (or at least part of it) was white washed until the 1880s. 

The original part of the church was built in large medieval bricks, the tower in wider bricks with inlaid limestone bands.

The added chancel was constructed in flamed bricks of a more yellowish shade. The church and the tower have had black glazed tiles since the 1690s, whereas the roofing material of  the porch is red pantile. 

The oval window in the tower dates from the 1690s when the room was made into a sepulchral chapel. New antependium and altar cloth from 1986 by handloom weaver Vibeke Gregers.--

Remarkable oak furniture from 1694

New antependium and altar made by Vibeke Gregers

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