Leather shop Helms' Facade in Nørregade

Take a walk in the past

120-130 years ago, when the houses, now Leather Merchant Helm, were erected, facades like this were the big fashion out in Europe. There are almost no smooth falls. There is symmetry in the structure. The windows are fast-paced. There are 2 houses, yet they constitute a single-cast unit.

The facade is the square between the large exhibition windows. The entrance is to spot: heavily marked. Above is a huge cornice marking the transition to the residential floor, which has half-pillared windows and all sorts of ornaments - catalog items in several styles of European architecture, but especially classicism, with roots back to Greek and Roman architecture. The facade concludes with yet another cornice that has been decorated with a tooth-cut frieze. (Source: "Once Upon a Time - Henrik Hoffmeyer")

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  • Leather shop Helms' Facade in Nørregade
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