Lajla Holm Keramik

Take a walk in the past

Ceramics are my passion. I enjoy the slow process, from idea to design, drying times, burning, glazing and at least one more burning before the work gets its final expression. It gives time for reflection.

My ideas and observations I give a physical expression with the clay when modelling my sculpture series. I salute the rustic and imperfect and draw it into all my work with the ceramics.

I am also drawn to the glaze Copper Mat, which through a raku burning is unpredictable and completely dependent on the elements. The glaze surprises time and time again and it remains utterly magical when the raku surf causes the grey/black Copper matte glaze to explode in an unpredictable metallic colour on my dark jars.

By appointment, you are welcome to come by my workshop. 


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