KØS museum of art in public places - Køge

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KØS museum of art in public places - Køge

Take a walk in the past

KØS is Denmark's and one of the world's only museums of art in public spaces. The museum is involved in exhibitions, research and communication, with all the special challenges and opportunities that meet art in public spaces. Here is told a fascinating piece of art history attached to this special field of art – from Crown and Church to the present day's welfare society where art is integrated into public institutions, functioning as an engine for urban development etc. 

The museum's unique collection comprises 18,000 fabulous sketches, models and preparatory step-by-step studies of art in public spaces, illustrating the exciting and challenging processes involved in creating art in this context.

The exhibitions at KØS typically reflect new knowledge from the museum's huge research projects. KØS is adamant that research and exhibitions should sharpen and qualify the often vehement public debate on art in public spaces. The exhibitions normally include elements of empiricism and documentation in the form of e.g. documentary films, photos and interviews about public spaces and the function of art in those spots.

 A visit to the museum also includes KØS Shop, which is strongly focused on art in public spaces but also offering an excellent selection of quality products in interior and other design and fashion.Visitors to the museum can also enjoy a well cooked meal or a cup of coffee at KØS Café with its view across the museum's artistic forecourt.

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