Keramikkens Hus - Workshop, Shop & Gallery

Take a walk in the past

Keramikkens Hus is located north of Ringkøbing and you will find both a workshop and a shop owned by Ellen Willer Donatien.

The first thing you meet at Keramikkens Hus is an absolutely fantastic front garden full of sea snakes, mushrooms, lizards and chickens - all made of ceramic.

I choose the shop that smells of clay, and you will find a large selection of beautiful ceramics. This is both the popular frame with dots, which is fast assortment. In addition, the frame North Sea is also a quick part of the store, and you can also find many other beautiful frames with e.g. clematis flowers.

In the shop there are many exciting and beautiful things that Ellen Willer Donatien puts her personality in. The shop is relatively large, and very versatile with beautiful, whimsical and colorful useful ceramic finds, paintings, jewelry, clothes, bags and much more.

Visit Keramikkens Hus and experience a fantastic universe.

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