Katsig Hills - Sindal

Take a walk in the past

Plenty of experiences in the beautyful nature of Katsig Bakker awaits: Go for a walk, enjoy the view overlooking Vendsyssel from the many hilltops and tast the water from the holy well, try your skills on the MTB track. Katsig Bakker offers hilly countrysides and diverse nature. The eastern part of the plantation was planted in the 1920s and the western part have been preserved since 1935. In Katsig there are two ancient monuments: Sct. Jørgens well and a Stone Age burial mound. The highest points are Studsbjerg and Jomfrubjerget. There are two marked routs through the area and great possibilities to pick berries and mushrooms.

Find a map with an overview of Katsig Bakker here

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  • Katsig Hills - Sindal
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