Henne Church

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Henne Church
The oldest part erected in the 2nd half of the 12th century, presumaly by the bishop of Ribe ? bishop Elias, who owned Henne manor farm which was episcopal property until the Reformation. The chancel and nave were lengthened as early as ca. 1300. The porch and tower were added in the 15th century. Rich interior fixtures: - valuble early Gothic crucifix group from ca. 1250 on the northern wall of the chancel. The late Gothic altarpiece, treble-winged, from ca 1500, modernized and placed in a renaissance frame from 1600-1620. The two Catholic sidealtars from ca 1500: - Mary with the child and Sct. Nicholas, the church?s patron saint. Hatvig Staverskov, Henne manor farm, presented the pulpit from 1573. The bay gallery with apostle paintings was for the gentry.

The Church is situated 6 km from Nørre Nebel, Varde.

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