Helenes Hus (Helenes House)

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Helenes Hus (Helenes House)

Take a walk in the past

The first house was build for the gypsy, Johs. Axelsen and his family and was called Axelhus. In 1917, the blicher memorial stone was placed on the site of Axelhus, in memory of St. St. Blicher, who placed the action in his novel "Keltringliv" (Scoundrel life) on Ørre Hede. 

Helene's house was occupied until 1989 and is now run by Herning Municipality. In the preserved workhouse there is an exhibition about the poor-community's history.

Helenes Hus is closed from 1 November - 1 April every year.  

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  • Helenes Hus (Helenes House)
  • Sammelstedvej 15
    7400 Herning