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Take a walk in the past

Amber artist Bjarke Holtzmann exhibits glass by Agnethe Maagaard, who is a purveyor to the Danish royal household. In April 2019, she will exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art and Design in New York and, from October 14th 2018, also in the new glass museum in connection with Ravhuset Hennebjerg. Like so many other things in life, this cooperation came about by coincidence, says Bjarke Holtzmann, who was blown away, as he describes it, when he saw glass art by Kaj Fjendbo from North Jutland and Agnethe Maagaard from Bøvlingbjerg for the first time.

"I contacted both artists because glass and amber have a lot in common and have both been used as trade goods in the past. There is also a clear connection visually, so I was very pleased when they said yes to exhibiting in what has now become the Glasmuseet Hennebjerg, next to Ravhuset Hennebjerg, Bjarke Holtzmann, who, throughout the years, has developed and refined his own jewellery designs with silver, amber, and jet, elaborates."

All the exhibited items are for sale.

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