Geopark: Fiskerlejet Dyreborg

Take a walk in the past

The habour is sheltered from waves and harsh westerly weather by the prominent glacial landscape and Holocene marine forelands at Knolden. The oldest buildings are close to the harbor and built half timbered. Boats were taken ashore or moored close to the beach. The boats being of the “smakkejolle” type and fishing with two men using fishing nets or baiting fishhooks. Another trade was to pilot sailingships to and from Faaborg.

In 1888 a steamship pier was constructed. The present harbour was built 1930. Around 1910 the fisheries were booming, and more people came to live in Dyreborg. It resulted in a separate settlement called New Dyreborg, where all houses are white and most have roofs with red tiles, thus giving the settlement a charming unanimous look.

Today Dyreborg is a recreational village and many come on excursion to enjoy the idyll and to take a swim or go for a walk in the old forest.

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  • Geopark: Fiskerlejet Dyreborg
  • Dyreborgvej 34
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