Gallery Thinghuset in Vestervig - Art exhibition

Take a walk in the past

Captivating art in Vestervig!
We are twenty local artists and craftsmen here from Thy, who jointly operate the gallery, which is housed in the old Thinghus (the old Court House) Vestervig.

Here you can, for free, see our latest works in painting, sculpture, jewelry, glass and leather-working and more.

From the gallery there is a direct connection to the Prison Museum, where for a "theft" you can enjoy a moment in the "behind bars"!.


A little story

Thing House (Court House) was built in 1833 with four prison cells, courtroom and housing to the jailer. It is the first in what we know today as Vestervig. The jail is approximately from 1900, and then extended by a further four cells and a prison farm.

The jail functioned until 1949 and has virtually been untouched since. The house now being re-designed as a Prison and Court House museum.

The front house used for art exhibitions of local artists.

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VisitNordvestkysten, Thy