Fru Møllers Mølleri

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Fru Møllers Mølleri

Take a walk in the past

In Fru Møller's farm shop you can buy freshly ground flour from own fields, freshly baked bread and butter baked cakes, jams, meat from own animals and much more. The restaurant on the farm - called Fru Møllers Restaurant - serves honest food based on seasonal local produce and skilled chefs

On the farm the coffee roastery "Chulumenda Farm Coffee" is also housed. Here Zambian coffee beans are roasted, grinded and sold. 

Fru Møllers Mølleri farm shop
The slow-turning stone mill grinds the flour in such a way that taste, freshness and an optimum content of nutrients are retained.
If you pay a visit to Fru Møllers Mølleri you will find a fine range of home-made specialities made from healthy produce.
In addition to freshly-ground flour you can buy delicacies such as fresh-baked bread, jam made according to their own recipes, scrumptious cakes, and salamis made from pork, mutton or lamb from their own livestock.

Fru Møllers Butchery:
In our butcher's shop you can buy freshly slaughtered meat from our own free range pigs, hook matured beef, chicken from "Hopballe Mølle" and lamb in season. Delicious charcuterie, salamis, sausages and much much more

Thursday-friday 11-17
Saturday 9-14 (1.9-30.5) and 9-15 (1.6-31.8)

Have a small taste of heaven
The restaurant serves honest food based on the local produce in season and craftsmanship. We call the style "modern countrykitchen with flavour".
When visiting you will find more cosiness than circumstance, though we are quite serious about and proud of every single plate of food going out. But we prefer to keep things casual and relaxed.

The reastaurant seats 40 people while our heated garden tent seats 60 people. In the summer the open courtyard can also seat 60 people.


Thursday 12-16.30 (1.9-30.5) and 12-late (1.6-31.8)
Friday 12-late
Saturday 12-late

Reservations: +45 61 60 03 61

Fru Møller's is worth a visit for the whole family.

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