Frederiksberg Have in Bækmarksbro

Take a walk in the past

Frederiksberg Garden is a lush park with flowers and trees, where everyone is welcome. From here, the family came for a walk along the beautiful nature trail, Bæverstien, along Flynder Å.

Canoe trip on Flynder Å

Take the family on a relaxing canoe trip on Flynder Å. There are 6 canoes and life jackets for children and adults for rent. Rental only for persons over 18 years. Dogs are not allowed.

Contact Karsten Boel on tel. (+45) 2878 6735.

Overnight in Frederiksberg Garden

If you want to spend the night outdoors, there are shelters with room for 15-20 people as well as a campfire house with a campfire site and barbecue grill.

Bring your own charcoal or firewood. This can possibly be bought at SPAR Bækmarksbro. It is possible to reserve space in the shelters in advance. Contact Karsten Boel tel. (+45) 2878 6735.

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