For Kids at Marstal Maritime Museum

Take a walk in the past

The museum section of the Marstal Maritime Museum offers a large number of child-friendly elements. For example, look at the exciting model ships, stand at the helm of a coaster, crawl into a hatch and check out the many strange things that have been brought home from distant lands.

There are also a number of other child-friendly activities at the museum. Read all about them below here.

Shipbuilding from recycled materials

During the summer holidays, you can build ships from recycled materials in the basement of the Marstal Maritime Museum (as long as stock lasts).

Unleash your imagination! You will find cardboard, paper, wood, buttons, feathers, and everything else that you can use to be really creative.

Shipbuilding is possible every day during week 27-31.

The Children's Shipyard

For the more advanced, there is the construction of wooden ships at the Children's Shipyard in the museum yard.

The price is DKK 30 per ship.

The shipyard is open Tuesday-Thursday in week 27-31.

Martha and packed lunches in the museum yard

When you have finished looking around the museum, you can board the good ship Martha, which is safely located in the museum's courtyard.

You can also enjoy the food you bring with you to the courtyard, where tables and chairs have been set up.

The museum yard also has a playground where you can try different types of maritime playful elements. You can, for example, climb a high mast and look beyond the "world".

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