Dragonmuseum - The Historic Collection of the Jydske Dragonregiment

Take a walk in the past

The Dragon Museum, the Jutland Dragon Regiment's Historical Collection, was officially inaugurated during a large festival in April 2013 after having resided at the Holstebro Museum.

The museum contains historical effects from "De Randers Dragoner" and to this day with the main emphasis on the period from 1953, when the Base were built in Holstebro.

Come and listen to the disused Trumpeter Corps and see historical squadron and unit photos, regiment table, historical radios and phones, uniforms and headgear, historical fittings, historical weapons, images and films on interactive print screens, brand collection, old diaries, parts of the regiment's international service and buy soldier-related souvenirs.

Access via the main guard. Follow the directions from here.

Entrance: DKK 20 for non-members. Children free.

In addition, the Dragon Museum opens for groups by arrangement. Contact info@dragonmuseum.dk or Arne Rindom on tel. (+45) 21 72 44 02.

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