Draget at Lyngs

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"Draget" at Lyngs - Thyholm

Draget, the stretch of land connecting Thy and Thyholm, was formed after the glacial period by a combination of uplift of land and the deposition of gravel from Nissum Bredning.

A string of groynes reinforces the isthmus against the erosion of the fjord. Draget is a significant botanical location with sea camion, sea rocket and sea pea along the foreshore between the main road and Nissun Bredning. Otherwise the stretch has the botanical character of a common, with spiecies such as the early forget-me-not, soft brome grass, whitlow grass, teesdalia, meadow saxifrage and pearlwort. Rarer spiecies include annual knawel, slender bedstraw and, in wet hollows, bastard pimpernel.

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