Take a walk in the past

Doverodde has a fantastically beautiful location and exudes charm and idyll in one of the Limfjord's most scenic and culturally interesting areas.

Doverodde's importance as a trading place is connected to the Thyborøn Canal, which was of great importance for shipping on the Limfjord in the 19th century, and it sounds impressive with weekly ship departures from Doverodde to London.

Doverodde Købmandsgård today houses the Limfjord Center with changing exhibitions and activities. Also visit the café, the warehouse and the tower. In Høkerbutikken you can buy a delicious organic ice cream or local delicacies and souvenirs to take home.


Lovely little marina
The cozy marina is only a 5-minute walk from the beautiful, well-preserved merchant farm from 1848. The jetty testifies to the time when Doverodde Harbor was the center of grain and cattle trade with England. Then there was weekly shipping across the North Sea between Doverodde and England. 

Thy offers fantastic opportunities to get up close to nature and immerse yourself in the area's cultural history. Here you will find the country's largest group of burial mounds and Denmark's first national park - National Park Thy.


Experiences and trips
Thy offers fantastic opportunities for action, tranquility and immersion.

Climb into the air and enjoy the magnificent view of the fjord from the center's landmark - the 42 meter high silo. If you are looking for more action, Nordvest Safari offers both rappelling on the silo and sea kayaking.

By appointment, the nature guide is happy to arrange a Limfjord safari, where you, wearing waders, nets and binoculars, can take a closer look at life below the water surface.

Also visit Dover Plantation with Oltidshøjene and National Park Thy.

The trading town of Hurup with pedestrian street and a rich selection of specialty shops is only 6.5 km from Doverodde.


Overnight in a hostel or shelter

The hostel is a cheap accommodation option for everyone, whether you are on a bike ride, kayak trip, fishing trip or just want a cheap accommodation. Alternatively, it is also possible to spend the night in a campfire hut and shelters. 

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