Dog Wood Park Bangsebro, Nykøbing, Falster

Take a walk in the past

The Dog Wood Park, part of Bangsebro forest, is a ca. 12 hectare  off-leash doog park, which is located in the northern part of Nykøbing, on the island of Falster.

It is completly fenced and the perfect place for doggies to play and and run to their hearts' content in a safe environment.

There are 4 entrances. Three of them on the Randersvej and one on Gåbensevej, 4800 Nykøbing F.

Follow the link and download a small brochure with a map (only in danish)

Dog Wood Park Bangsebro Nykøbing Falster

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Visit Lolland-Falster

  • Dog Wood Park Bangsebro, Nykøbing, Falster
  • Randersvej 1
    4800 Nykøbing F