Breakwater Q, Fjaltring, North Sea

Take a walk in the past

Breakwater Q is one of the few places on the West Coast from Nymindegab to Thyborøn where you can drive all the way down to the hip and the beach.

There is a service building with toilets, outdoor shower and sink.

Winter bathing: The residents of Fjaltring have a mobile sauna standing on the court. (Key can be borrowed for a modest payment from the merchant in Fjaltring. You must bring a bag of firewood yourself).

Behind the service building is a shelter area with bonfire - mainly for cyclists and hikers.

The breakwater is built handicap-friendly without stairs. 

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VisitNordvestkysten, Lemvig

  • Breakwater Q, Fjaltring, North Sea
  • Høfde Q i Fjaltring
    7620 Lemvig