Bøjden Cove

Take a walk in the past


The area consists of 0.36 km2 coastal cove, called the Nor, surrounded by 0.78 km2 of coastal meadows. The entire area is separated from the sea of Lillebælt by several beach ridges. The area further inland consists of marshland and a few smaller coastal cliffs.

Habitat description

The Nor was previously a shallow bay, but marine deposits in the form of beach ridges have gradually cut off the water connection between the cove and the sea of Lillebælt. Only during rare incidents caused by storms and high tide is seawater from Lillebælt able to enter the lagoon.

Behind the beach ridges, there is well-developed and relatively arid coastal meadow vegetation, and the following habitats are registered:

  • Spring
  • Semi-natural dry grasslands and scrubland facies on calcareous substrates
  • Annual and perennial vegetation on rocky beaches 
  • Beach ridge with annual beach vegetation.


The natterjack toad (Epidalea calamita) is found in some of the smaller ponds affected by saltwater and in the area around the ponds. The area is also an important location for breeding and nesting ducks and waders. None of these species, however, qualifies for Natura 2000 protection.

Legislation and protection

In 1969 the area was protected under the Nature Conservation Act to avoid drainage and industrial agriculture. Part of the area is protected by Nature protection legislation §3. The entire area of Bøjden Nor and the surrounding coastal meadows are now protected under the EU Natura 2000 area no. 123 and Habitat area no. H107. The purpose of the Natura 2000 protection is to ensure that the area is not damaged, and specifically to ensure that the area of habitats and habitats for species is stable or expanding and that the structures and functions of the habitats are maintained. Furthermore, the aim is to ensure that species can sustain themselves in their natural habitats.

The primary nature management operations aim at continuing to safeguard the coherent, light-open nature areas.

Public access

In order to avoid disturbing the birds, public access is not allowed in large parts of Bøjden Nor. However, there is a nature trail around the area as well as two observation sheds, where it is possible to get an up-close view of the birdlife.

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