Bente Hammer

Take a walk in the past

The gentle, crisp ding-dong of the old bell on the door welcomes you to the shop in the Church Smithy. Immediately a symphony of marvellous textiles, colours, designs is presented for your senses.

The light falls beautifully through the many original leaded-glass windows from the old smithy and blends in with the dozens of elegant spotlights from the large beams in the ceiling.Here old and new blend in unison and provide a serene framework for the hand-printed textiles in classic, exciting and unique designs.

The clothes, produced in the very best quality silk, cotton, wool and linen, hang on racks where it is easy for you to be tempted, or they are displayed in glass cases, on shelves, in the wide window sills or on small tables.You are welcome to drop in and look, touch and feel and try on the clothes. They are a feast for the eye and a gift for your fingers. We want to give you the personal service you would like. We adjust or sew the clothes which suit you, your lifestyle and your colour choices.

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Destination Bornholm
Destination Bornholm