Beach Houses in Marstal

Take a walk in the past

People enjoy life while the midsummer fire is burning or the easter eggs are cooked and rolled - and the sun disappear into the horizon.

The beach houses are situated two places on Ærø: at Erikshale in Marstal and at Vesterstrand in Ærøskøbing.

At both places the houses are beautiful, distinctive and well-maintained down to the smallest detail.

The plots, on which the beach houses are built - are rented indefinitely. And the clauses are strict: no extensions and no installation of electricity or water.

Everything shall stay as it was - only moderate improvements are allowed.

Time stands still at the Vesterstrand and Erikshale when the danish flag Dannebrog is hoisted, the smell of dog rosehips fills the air and the calm waters of the bay is ready for a dip -  and everything is still as it has been for the last 100 years.

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  • Beach Houses in Marstal
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