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The fairytale town Ærøskøbing.

The town is believed to be founded around 1250 by the landowners of Brandenburg, which owned Ærø, and the city, along with the island, have had closely relations to Germany over time. If you take a closer look at the details of the incredibly well-preserved cityscape, you will quickly find small tracks from the epicenter's era, in architecture, paintings and cuts.

Ærøskøbing is unique and distinguishes itself as one of the few cities in Denmark that still looks as it did when it was founded in the Middle Ages. The city is believed to have been given trade prvileges  by the end of the 1400s, where it was called Kjøbing. Later it was renamed Ærøskøbing

In addition to the intact urban spaces of the Middle Ages, the beautiful inner city stands virtually unchanged from the 19th century. So many old well-preserved houses gathered in a place are not seen in many places in Denmark and give the city a truly amazing charm and atmosphere. It is not without reason that Ærøskøbing at home and abroad enjoys the nickname 'The fairytale town'.

Travelmag writes about Ærøskøbing:

"Small, quaint towns are often described as being “like something out a fairytale” – and nowhere in Denmark is this analogy more true than in Ærøskøbing. Perched on the picturesque island of Ærø in the Baltic Sea, the town’s population of less than 1,000 permanent residents are joined by a steady stream of visitors through the year, keen to discover its most enticing nooks and crannies along with some 750 years of history. Dotted with brightly painted houses, cobbled streets, and beach huts lining the scenic shore, its well-preserved architecture and wider cityscape retain vestiges of its Medieval past that add to the town’s almost cinematic look and feel."

Read the full articel on travelmag.com

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