Abildaa Brunkulsleje (Abildaa brown coal field)

Take a walk in the past

The working museum, Abildå Brunkulsleje, was started by old coal workers and has been created over the last 30 years.

Over the years, various old machines have been added and the museum is run by committed volunteers.
As the only place in Denmark, you can experience how the coal was mined - and you can follow how the many million-year-old material is unearthed.

Experience how the old fashioned machines work in Abildå, it hasn't changed since then.

You also have the option of buying lignite to take home.

Furthermore, you get the oppurtunity to enjoy the unique nature that has grown in the otherwise nutrient-poor sand and waterholes that were left behind approximately 70 years ago. The nature trail around the area is approximately 2 km. long.

It is allowed to bring food and they have a covered hall which is free to use.

Until 21. october open everyday from 10-17. From 22. october until 30. april open after appointment. 

Abildaa Brunkulsleje

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