Aagaard Thy

Take a walk in the past

Aagaard is a craft farm and has a shop with yarn, textiles and local design. Aagaard conveys the ancestral craft and organises courses and workshops. In the summer of 2020, Aagaard will host a series of events under the theme 'Wool! Wool! Wool!'.

Aagaard is a 220 year old and rare, preserved old farm, restored with respect for old building style and local customs. Around the buildings there are beautiful green outdoor areas, a lovely old garden, big old trees and a small river.

Aagaard has for many years been family owned by Else Høgh and her daughters. Now young “Thyboer” have joined forces and are continuing Aagaard into a mecca for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in crafts and be creatively challenged.


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