A & B GALLERIET - Art café in the centre of Rudkøbing

Take a walk in the past

Youthful contemporary art in Rudkøbing

Silje Bruun Hansen and Jens Anker Hornemann first opened the beautiful old doors to their gallery at Østergade 10 on 2021. A & B Galleriet shows artworks by talented young Danish artists. Silje Bruun is herself a painter and her work can also be seen hanging on the walls of the gallery. On top of this Silje and Anker invite a changing roster of young Danish artists to exhibit in the gallery. 

Historic premises given a new lease of life

The building is old, and holds many memories and stories. The beautiful doors that welcome you into the gallery, were made by a carpeter who lived in the building at the beginning of the 1900 hundreds. Later the building belonged to a radio and electronics dealer, here the young men of the town often gathered to watch football through the shop windows. More recently Alfio Bonanno and his family ran a shop and art gallery on the premises.

Now the couple Silje Bruun and Jens Anker live in the building and in 2021 they opened the art café, the  A & B Gallery here.

More about Silje Bruun 

Read more about Silje Bruun's artistic focus on people and their emotions here

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