Petit Hotel in Sweden

All with a big heart

Petit Hotels include many of Sweden's finest small hotels with truly unique locations. Most of them are situated in the countryside, in beautiful and tranquil surroundings. Crystal-clear lakes, rivers, and forests - as well as nearby golf courses and cultural events - all together provide unforgettable experiences for our guests.

Similarly, the hosts of the hotels have a sense of the charm of small hotels - they love their hotel and its potential. This means that the hosts also understand what it means to own a small hotel. It's not a job, but a lifestyle.

With stylish and comfortable rooms and highly creative kitchens offering gastronomic menus often based on fresh local and organic ingredients, the hotels offer pleasure for both body and soul. For practical reasons, a few of our hotels are strategically located in city centers.

Do you love good food? Or perhaps what you enjoy most is sitting and savoring a good meal, allowing you to relax slowly in the company of good friends or your loved one?

Maybe that's why you're interested in a Petit hotel? Where experiences leave good memories - the crackling fire in the fireplace on a cold evening - or the quiet moments on the hotel terrace in the warm glow of the sunset. These are moments that make life easier. Moments in a Petit Hotel.

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