Hôtels de Charme & de Caractère in France

Experiences in France and many other countries

Charme & Caractère Hotels can be found in more than 60 countries and on every continent in the world. You can find them in big cities, villages, in the countryside, in mountains, at the edge of the sea, in forests, at bustling tourist spots, or in the most remote places at the ends of the earth.

They have hotels on Easter Island, in Upper Everest, in central Paris, in Singapore, in St. Petersburg, in New York, on a heart-shaped island in Indonesia, in northern Finland – or in Japan...

They encompass many cultures, many languages, and their presence on all continents means the sun is always shining on one of their hotels.

As a guest, you are always ensured to stay at an excellent hotel that values quality, service, and friendliness. Their selection of hotels is strict, and in addition to their own selection and control, they also listen to guest reviews.

The hotels in Charme & Caractère Hotels' selection are the best in their class and region, and they must continue to be so to be a part of the chain.

Charme & Caractère Hotels are proud of their selection and do their best to find the most beautiful properties while avoiding elitism. They select hotels with 5 stars as well as no stars. That is how they offer a wide range of all categories.

We believe that we all, at different stages in life, are looking for different types of hotels. That is precisely why we want to offer facilities for every budget in all categories. But always only the best.

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