Golden Chain in Australia and Indonesia

Experience Australia, the South Pacific, and Indonesia

Golden Chain is more than 250 individually owned hotels from Australia to New Zealand through the South Pacific and in Indonesia. No one else covers this part of the world better than Golden Chain.

At Golden Chain, all hotels are owned by independent proprietors who are dedicated and passionate about their hotels and aim to provide high-quality facilities, hospitality, and outstanding service.

At Golden Chain hotels, guests can always expect outstanding and dedicated service, ensuring a warm welcome. The hotel owners are eager to share their knowledge about the local community, provide insider tips, and suggest worthwhile experiences, allowing guests to relax and enjoy their vacation.

Guests at Golden Chain can always be assured that they are supporting a business that supports the country of Australia and its people, as the organization's profits go back to the members, the hotels spread across Australia.

While Golden Chain prides itself on being a leading Australian hotel chain, it is important to maintain a high and enduring standard of service and hotels, ranging from medium to high star ratings. You can always expect an exceptional experience at Golden Chain, whether you choose the Australian wilderness or lush Bali, you will encounter fantastic and awe-inspiring destinations, people, and hotels.

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