The Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea is one of the world's 10 most important wetlands and has status as a wildlife and nature reserve. It’s the largest unbroken system of intertidal sand and mud flats in the world, a unique natural area in Denmark and with global importance.

That's why, in 2010, the Wadden Sea became Denmark's largest National Park and in 2014 it was on UNESCO's World Heritage List.

The tide has an impact twice a day when, 1,000,000,000 m3 of water ebbs and flows. The Wadden Sea has clear, calm water and at the same time the stormy sea on the outside of the dyke. The Wadden Sea is full of vibrant life - in the air, in the low waters, on the surface and below. There is no other place in Denmark playing host to so many birds during the hunting season, spring as well as autumn - in total between 10-12 million. During the breeding season you must tread carefully as there are birdwatchers in the strangest places.

The warm and low water of the Wadden Sea is at the same time the growth area for many of our most important species of fish and it is here the summer crowds meets the shoals. The Wadden Sea currently has Denmark's largest gathering of common seals.

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