Hôtels de Charme & de Caractère

Experience France and several other countries

Hotels Charme & Caractere is present in more than 60 countries and on every continent around the world.
You can find us in cities, villages, the countryside, mountains, at the edge of the sea or ocean, in forests, in main touristic spots or the most isolated locations at the end of the world... 
We have establishments on Easter Island, in Upper Everest, in central Paris, in Singapore, in St. Petersburg, in New York, on a heart-shaped island in Indonesia, in northern Finland or in Japan... 
We embrace many cultures, many languages and our presence on all continents suggests that the sun always shines on one of our establishments. 

Our customers always have the assurance of staying in hotels of excellence, engaged in a quality charter for services and hospitality. Our selection is strict and beyond our own selections and controls, we also rely on online review sites to take as a reference customer judgments. 
The establishments in our selection are the best in their class and regions, and they must remain so to deserve our label.
We are proud of our selection and all our efforts go to find the most beautiful houses while avoiding elitism. We select both establishments, from no star to 5 stars. That is how we have a huge range of hotels of all categories.
We believe that each one of us, at different moments of our lives, looks for different types of establishment. That is why we want to offer facilities for all budgets in all categories... But always the best.

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